How much does it cost?

The cost is $25 per painter for any party with at least 10 total people, and the party host paints free! So if you have a total of 10 people, and the host paints free, then you have a total party cost of ($25×9) $225.

What exactly would it cost if my party has less than 10 people?

$225 is the minimum party cost. So if you have fewer than 10 people, simply take $225 and divide it by the number of guests on your list to get a per guest cost.


How do we pay you?

We ask that the party host takes care of the entire payment. We’d rather not have to collect money from each of your guests individually. So it makes it easier if you get your friends to pay you, and then you square up with us in one easy and discreet transaction.  A $100 deposit is required when you book your date, and the balance is due at party time.

What is the pricing for custom designed artwork?

Free!!! At this point, we understand that we only have a limited Gallery to choose from. But we can and will customize and create new artwork just for you. We actually look at it as an opportunity to take your creativity and add it to our existing Gallery.

Are you experienced paint and sip artists?

Yes.  The owner of Canvas and Cheers has hosted many paint and sip events for one of the most well-known companies around. Your party is in good hands!!! Feel free to contact us and let us set your mind at ease.

Will you be available to call and ask questions before the event?

Of course! Once you contact us initially, we’ll personally get in touch with you. If you decide to host a party and let us bring the paint, we consider you our partner in your event! From that point on, we’re committed to making sure you have access to us 24/7. Your satisfaction is the key to our success!

can i add or subtract from the attendance list?

Of course you can. You can change the size of the party at any time. Just let us know as soon as you do if there is an addition or subtraction to your guest list.